Thanks to the support of many amazing people and businesses, the VAGA has been able to organize and provide golf clinics, group outings, golf memberships, and golf equipment to Veterans who’ve experienced traumatic limb amputations.  This organization has provided these American heroes with an opportunity to play golf and interact with other Veterans with similar interests, backgrounds, and disabilities.  Prior to the formation of this organization, none of VAGA members knew one another.  Since inception, many swings have been taken and life-long friendships have been formed.

Thanks to the commitment of the Veteran amputees within New England and the generosity of many individuals and businesses, we’ve been able to build something special in the State of New Hampshire.  The VAGA is looking forward to many years of continued success thanks to the strength and courage of our local Veteran amputee golfers, the generosity of our sponsors, and the overwhelming support of people like you.

A special thank you goes out to Katie Jordan of Loudon, NH.  Since 2015, Katie has organized every tournament and assumed all managerial responsibilities for the organization.  She is a selfless individual with a heart of gold.  Thank you Katie for all of the work that you have taken on to ensure the continued success of the VAGA!

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    • Sorry for the delay, we don’t get a lot of comments on here. You can send us emails at VAGolfA@gmail.com. If you’re a Veteran amputee, you’re already a member — just show up to a clinic whenever you can. I’ll send you a seperate message with more details.

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